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Sierra Summer Star Party 2 (2008) is scheduled for Fri-Sun Sep 26-28, at the Alpine County Airport ,Indian Creek Rec Area, & Turtle Rock Park. Astronomical activities for hobbiest and expert stargazer sponsored by the Great Western Astronomers. Please visit our website for registration and updated information.

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

The telesope and sky orientation at the Model Flying Field East of Carson City went well Sat 2/22 THe 17.5 inch Observatory instrument was thoroughy checked out and given an A+ rating. A new 15 inch privately owned Dob received first light and performance was exceptional. Our encyclopedia galactica was in attendance assisting all to tour the skies as it became dark. Thanks to those who brought munchies. A Super Messier Marathon is being worked up for Saturday, March 29 at the observatory site. More on this later by Email from
Bob posted this at Sunday, February 23, 2003.