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Sierra Summer Star Party 2 (2008) is scheduled for Fri-Sun Sep 26-28, at the Alpine County Airport ,Indian Creek Rec Area, & Turtle Rock Park. Astronomical activities for hobbiest and expert stargazer sponsored by the Great Western Astronomers. Please visit our website for registration and updated information.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Star Party Schedule Jun-Sep 2003 Please call 775-329-8809 or Email for details. June 28 and 29 Public viewing at Squaw Valley High Camp- please call for prices and times. July 4 or 5 Fireworks and dark sky viewing at Ernies Ranch in Dayton, NV email Ernie at for schedule and menu. JUly 10 or 12 Private Star Party, phone 775-329-8809 for particulars. July 25 tentative date for Incline Village Science in the Schools call 775-831-6999 and leave message to receive location. Sat-Mon July 26-28 Public Stargazing at SQuaw Valley High Camp, send Email to Sat Aug 23 Dark Sky observing, location TBA. High Camp again Thu-Sat Aug 28-30.Sat Sept 6 Lunar and Double Star Observing looking for a site, suggestions. Bob Graf
Bob posted this at Sunday, June 22, 2003.