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Sierra Summer Star Party 2 (2008) is scheduled for Fri-Sun Sep 26-28, at the Alpine County Airport ,Indian Creek Rec Area, & Turtle Rock Park. Astronomical activities for hobbiest and expert stargazer sponsored by the Great Western Astronomers. Please visit our website for registration and updated information.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Various accomodations available for Sierra Summer Star Party. Option 1. A group area has been reserved near parking, facilities, and the lake. There is a charge of $5. per person per night in advance that will reserve a tent site for up to 4 per site. Option 2. There are a small number of first-come-first-served spots for from 22-32 per night payable on arrival to the BLM. Option 3. The possibility exists for a small number of campers or RVers to occupy space adjacent to the airstrip, but permission needs to be obtained from Alpine County. Other Costs. For anyone bringing a telescope or other instrument, admission is free to set up and park on the south half of the airstrip parking apron. A request for payment of a donation of $20. to offset event expenses may be instituted. Total attendence to the event per day is limited to less than 75 registrants. Vendors are required to obtain a seller permit of $90. in advance from the BLM and sales will only be allowed at the group area. There are rooms and restaurants in Markleeville and Woodfords, approximately 5 miles from the event location. Brochures and other information are available from the BLM, Alpine County, CA, and the visitors bureau in Markleeville, CA.
Bob posted this at Tuesday, April 24, 2007.